Apps for your Mac that do things you like


Note taker, outline creator and project management workbench for your Mac.

TaskCard is a simple and visual way to organize your thoughts and tasks into to-do lists. Like sticky notes on the desk TaskCards can be posted and organized in different sizes and colors around your desktop to help you remember important things or keep lists for projects.

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Powerful dock alternative for your Mac.

Did you ever wish your Dock could do more or handle more of your apps and files? DockShelf lets you place unlimited docks around your desktop so you never run out of space again for your commonly used files, folders and applications!

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The must have iCloud Drive utility for Mac users.

Tired of being in the dark? Find what iCloud Drive is really doing with real-time status in your Mac's menu bar.

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Sticky Notes Keep Getting Better!

NoteCard is your Macs visual note taking studio inspired from Stickies - the venerable Mac classic for notes! NoteCard keeps your notes organized the way you like and readily available so you're more productive and inspired to write down your ideas.

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